Saint Petersburg through the looking glass: an experimental photo walk

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Тип: индивидуальная
Продолжительность: 2.5 ч.
Включено в цену: - Guided tour; - Recommendations concerning the photography process; - Mirrors
Не включено в цену: - Interiors exploration; - Cameras

Saint Petersburg is a Narcissus city that admires its own reflection in the mirror of its countless rivers and canals. Almost every bit of its space is pierced by a waterflow that doubles its splendor. One can see much more in the reflection than in direct gaze - and that's why our experimental walk will be about exploring the space of Saint Petersburg, its images, contrasts, parallels and beauty. Our tools in this experiment are:
- mirrors of different shapes and sizes that will help us to find interesting reflections, contrasts and similarities;
- cameras that will capture our findings;
- and the city itself that we'll be able to break down and reassemble as puzzle.
A detailed and coherent narrative about the structure, history and contemporary life of different districts of Saint Petersburg will also be provided. This experimental guided tour will be interesting both to photographers (beginners as well as professionals) and curious tourists.

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